It's a big world out there.

Do you struggle to stand out?

It's a big world out there.

Do you struggle to stand out?




We are expert gift givers
We are expert gift givers
We are a gift strategy and logistics company. We help our clients send world class gifts to Cut Through the Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Retention with their most important clients, employees, and prospects.

John Ruhlin
Founder, Ruhlin Group

It all started with a knife.

The Proven Process

1  Evaluate
2  Action Plan
3  Execute
4  Follow Up
“So, in the end, CEOs may make the final decisions, but successful relationships begin with their inner circles.”
“Most companies give some sort of a promotional product with their logo on it.” Joey shared with me…
Find unique things that are a little odd or different. We remember when someone goes way above and beyond. Water is hot at 211 degrees and boils at 212 degrees.
As a small business leader, you can’t make it to every conference and keep up with every contact. To make the most of your networking efforts, you need to work efficiently, not tirelessly.
The Cubs were going through a historic remodel and wanted to give their 400 top suite owners and sponsorship executives something to say thank you that incorporated a piece of Wrigley Field. We took pieces of wood from the Cubs locker room and were able to custom make from scratch one of a kind blue tooth speakers with world class LSTN audio components inside.


Target: Top 400 Premium Seating & Sponsorship Clients

Theme: A Piece of History
Timing: Off Season in February when no one is expecting a gift
Turn Around: 2 Months. Most Manufacturers told us it was not possible to do in 12 months.
Result: Cubs and their most important relationships were blown away. They are trying to figure out how to exceed such a high bar for next year.

The largest home builder in the US, DR Horton, was having their top 100 suppliers and over 700 people in Vegas to meet with the key decision makers for each of the 50+ DR Horton divisions. Electrolux wanted to create buzz and stand out from the other 99 competitors vying for attention. We drop shipped to 250 addresses custom ear buds two weeks before the event to the top 250 execs at DR Horton and then had beautiful walnut wood Grain Audio speakers waiting in the rooms.


Target: Top 250 Executives at DR Horton

Theme: Looking Forward to Rocking Out In Vegas
Timing: Pre Experience Gift Sent 2 Weeks ahead of event and right when they checked into room.
Turn Around: Four Weeks
Result: Out of 100 Suppliers there was a special buzz and excitement around Electrolux and their key relationships. Execs were blown away and still talk about it years later.

The Jaguars premium seating executives wanted to engage the top 100 prospective companies and their CEOs to attend an event hosted by their CEO. The goal was to create an exclusive and intimate setting to discuss ways these companies could begin a partnership and use the Jaguars as a tool to grow their companies. The item selected was a custom engraved and packaged Cutco Santoku Chef Knife that was hand couriered to each prospect.


Target: Top 100 CEOs in Jacksonville

Theme: Carve Out An Exclusive Evening to Join The Jags CEO
Timing: Two weeks before event
Turn Around: 3 Weeks
Result: Standard direct mail gets a 1-2% response rate. The hope was for 15-20% response. The result was over 35% responded to the communication and engaged in conversation with many of them attending. They have gone on to partner with Ruhlin Group for all their high end gifting strategy for both prospects and now clients as well.

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